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Microbial Biofilm Research Group


Microbial biofilm can be defined as communities of microorganisms that grow adhered to an inert surface or live tissue and that are embedded in an extracellular matrix that the microorganisms themselves have synthesized.

Biofilm are a common mode of bacterial growth in nature and their presence has an enormous impact on many aspects of our lives, such as sewage treatment, corrosion of materials, food contamination during processing, pipe collapse, plant-microorganism interaction in the rizosphere, the formation of dental plaque, the development of chronic infections in live tissue (mastitis, otitis, pneumonia, urinary infections, osteomielitis) or problems related to medical implants, among others.

Research is being performed in our microbial biofilm laboratory at a molecular level to study the mechanisms employed by bacteria to form and maintain these multicellular communities, as well as the influence of biofilm life forms on the infectious process of bacteria and its resistance to anti-microbians.

Microbial Biofilm Research Group




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